US Anti-Terrorist Commando Mission

US Anti-Terrorist Commando Mission

Size 32.8MB

US Anti-Terrorist Commando Mission

US Anti-Terrorist Commando Mission

" Action "
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US Anti-Terrorist Commando Mission shooting game is a very interesting, elegant FPS shooting game. It has beautiful frames,and is simple to control. As a commando, you need a great courage in the face of the fierce enemy. You must destroy the enemies , complete the tasks. The game is totally free.You can get the gold coins by the enemy, so you can buy other more advanced guns.
Your mission is to destroy all enemies and you have to find them. They do not know your presence. But when you start shooting, they will hear gunshots and discover your presence. So when you start shooting, it is necessary to be very careful. To escape the enemy's fire one by one to kill the enemy.
This is a very interesting and very challenging game. He has high-definition graphics and is simple to operate. As a commando, you need to have incredible bravery, even in the face of brutal enemies.
Great game-play, awesome visuals and entertaining missions. This Game is not going to be so easy. Be an army man who shoots and kill enemies by in this mission. Become a modern sniper and soon you will see people running for their lives.
Environments in this vast and extremely hard to conquer. Every life is worth saving so pick up the powerful machine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, sniper guns and go on missions where the best war tactics will judge who is the best and most resilient. While howling sound of victims urges you to take the action as fast as possible, be extremely careful because you might face armed tanks, vehicles, and brutal guns.
Some Valuable Features:
Fun & stylized graphics
10+ Powerful Weapons
HD 3D graphics
Realistic Ultra 3D Shooting Environment
Best quality attractive Voice effects
Different Challenging Modes


What's New

* Added 20 More Missions
* Added Weapons Selection
* Reduced Game Size
* Reduced Ads
* All Bugs Fixed
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