Mini craft "Pocket edition" crafting and building

Mini craft "Pocket edition" crafting and building

" Adventure "

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You like crafting and building, this build craft survival game for you.
In this best 3d sandbox game, you can build and crafting everything you want.
This world is endless and you will never get bored, you have an infinite number of cube in your "Pocket edition" assets so that you can create a beautiful block world.
We present the "Mini craft" game, from the series "3d sandbox games".
Immerse yourself in the world of pixel survival, crafting and building, build your dream house, tame animals, create alliances.
Build your own unique world, become a hunter or a farmer.
Try to survive at night, you will be attacked by monsters and zombies.
Mini Craft does not need mods or PE. Create new types of blocks, new buildings or new craft world!
Build your own home using various building materials.
This game is published in the version "Pocket edition".
Read more:
- Two modes of the game "Creative" and "Survival".
- Beautiful graphics.
- 3D blocks, tools for construction.
- Plants and animals.
- Scary monsters and zombies.
- Cows, pigs and other peaceful mobs.
- Change of time of day (day, night).
- You can play alone and with friends online.
- An endless world.
- Lava, water.


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