Hill Climb Bus Driver Sim 2016

Hill Climb Bus Driver Sim 2016

Size 38.5MB

Hill Climb Bus Driver Sim 2016

Hill Climb Bus Driver Sim 2016

38.5MB5+ Million4.9(2866)
" Simulation "
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Have fun with hill climb adventure and Hill Climb Bus Driver Sim 2016. Play as police bus hill climb driver and transport cops with official bus driver duty. Fulfil the role of off road tourist bus driver to expand tourist with bus simulator service.
The graphics and animations are next generation including animated passengers, 3D tracks, and realistic hilly environments. The safety of passengers is your first priority so always drive carefully. This game has 7 different levels including the tutorial level. When the game starts the passengers sits in the bus. Then you have to take them to their next stop to complete the level. You have to drive on these tracks with full concentration because these tracks could be bit tricky and slippery.
☀Use the steering to drive the bus.
☀Tap on accelerator to speed up.
☀Tap on brake to stop the bus.
☀Keep press the brake paddle to reverse the bus.
☀Use camera button to change the camera view.
☀Drive luxury party time buses
☀Control and ride real hill climbing buses
☀Amazing raining weather
☀Physics of game is very good.
☀Controls are smooth and very comfortable.
☀Drive with different camera views available.



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