Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior

Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior

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Let’s start the battle against rivals!!
Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior 3D game is all about thrilling challenges of superhero actions and fighting against all evil crazy enemies. Select your favorite super flash hero to fight against all the evil entities in this battle of hero adventure. Enjoy the real crazy supernatural hero legend powers in this fighting 3D simulator as flash hero warrior. Mutants have invaded the grand modern city, they want to kill the citizens in this Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior to relish. This action-packed 3D game contains all multiple features and hero legend powers to win this warrior adventure.
This mighty hero adventure will lead you towards thrilling challenges all the rivals in limited time. Be a flash mighty hero warrior and mighty hero to compete in this war to show some crazy real actions in 3D simulator. This Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior provides all the craziest super relish challenges to kill the enemy, crash the cars & vehicles that are destroying the city traffic. You have to be very vigilant superhero to fight against enemy gangs and win the missions to rescue the citizens in this warrior adventure by utilizing your supernatural powers. Destroy all the mutants’ cars and their weapons to be the best flash hero warrior and relish the rescue missions for the sake of citizen’s lives. This is best time to experience the real super mutant mafia war and real crazy warrior adventure. You will gain all supernatural powers and realistic controls to become a mighty hero and hero legend of this battleground.
You have to prove yourself as a legend superhero and warrior to win the battle against mutants. The city shows to picture of real mafia battleground of mutants in this arena, the crazy Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior let you experience the real super mutant war in 3D simulator of 2018. You will gain all the supernatural powers and controls to become the relish hero legend in this warrior adventure. You are an incredible super flash hero and you need to complete every super mission in this 3D simulator. Get ready to play and enjoy the different thrilling missions to rescue your friends from the mutant enemy warriors. You can roam in this city adventure. Relish in this 3D battle of realistic mutant grand war as a great superhero flash legend and mighty hero. Perform incredible tricky missions to win in this battleground as a super flash mutant hero. You have all the supernatural flash hero warrior powers to fight with the enemies. Download this Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior that amazing chunk of hero adventure and available free on play store.
You have to perform duty as light hero to wipe out the gangster’s cars from road. This mission has to be completed in limited time. Your real super hero legend master wants you to save the innocent lives, save the kids that are harassed by mutants. Kill the enemy and mutants gangs as mighty hero in limited time; you need to be there in minimum time. Accomplish all the super crazy warrior missions in this hero adventure successfully. There is need to get some relish environment, being a super flash hero you work so hard to perform difficult duties. Kill the rivals to establish a peaceful environment in the city of 3D simulator. There is a major shopping mall in the city that need to be rescued, be there on time to diffuse the bomb blast and save the lives of thousands of people. Utilize your superhero flash power to be there in minimum time, you just have to prove yourself that you are worthy enough but you have to try bit harder in order to get the city in peaceful environment. The real superhero reward waits for you!
*key features*
• Use supernatural powers to accomplish the missions
• Incredible 3D graphics and best audio effects
• User friendly fighting controls to achieve and win the missions
• Thrilling missions to play
• Undertake the missions to move forward


What's New

- Minor Bug Fixes

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