Driving Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw

Driving Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw

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Here our popular unity team presents our beloved players with another entertaining and great fun game which can cheer you up in your spare time, because this time we present another mind-blowing adventure game, Driving Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw, the game graphics are 3d based and the player views the game scene as a third person camera view, the taxi driving and auto driving games are becoming popular now especially in the Asian countries as the concept of the rickshaw driving emerges from Asian cities like Pakistan, India. The players will be driving a taxi Rickshaw here, we ensure u great fun by playing this game, as the players will drive the passengers and make them happy by dropping them to their place in the given time and the player will feel like that he is on vacations and the player will be able to drive this rickshaw like crazy and will get a feel like if he is driving it by himself. This great fun game gives you a good chance to drive the customers or passengers like a public transporter, yes you will be driving a public transport and give the best of your services to the passengers.
The games concept is simple, the player needs to pick up the passengers and need to drive the rickshaw through the traffic, to drop the passengers in the given time, as the player keeps on playing the game and moves to the levels onward, he/she will find the game even harder to play as the traffic intensity increases and time to drop a customer decreases , new rickshaws are unlocked with the progress in the game the first new rickshaw is available after successfully completing the first five levels of the game.
With the progress in the levels the players will find the game more challenging, as the ways or roads sometimes become narrower with traffic on it, so the players need to control the rickshaw and drive through the traffic finding a safe and fast path without hitting the street lights and the cars.
The game atmosphere and environment is like an open city in which the rickshaw driver drives the rickshaw to ensure the safety and transportation of the travelers within the given time, the tracker green sign is above the rickshaw which moves constantly to show the right path to the player which he follows to reach the destination green point, the paths can differ as there is no single path which leads to the destination, in the way if the timer expires then the player will see a level failed window and a restart option , and if he/she wants to complete the level then he/she needs to utilize the given time and reach the destination point which will be a green patch where player needs to hold for some time to complete the level , it’s essential to hold on that patch until the green circle bar fills or else the level will not complete.
The unlocked new rickshaws are seen in the rickshaw lobby in the rickshaw show up place when the player touches the green play button at the bottom right of the screen which leads to start the game.
We greatly recommend to you to play our game and comment and rate us 5 stars, and suggestions to improve the game are most welcome.


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